I.  境外實習專區:參考網站

II.  臺大姊妹校職缺網

III.  國外學術機構職缺搜尋
1.    AcademicJobsOnline 是一個對博士生求職十分方便的網站,網址過去12個月提供37國160州2592個工作機會,目前求職者登錄有5339位, 平均一位求職者申請2.6個工作機會,且對求職者而言該網站是免收費,只需登錄郵箱註冊即可成為會員。
2.    International Max Planck Research School for Molecular Life Sciences (IMPRS-LS)
offers PhD projects in the following areas (please see the attached Flyer in details):
   ✧ Biophysics & Bio-imaging
   ✧ Computational & Systems Biology
   ✧ Gene Regulation & DNA Biology
   ✧ Circuit Neuroscience & Neurodegeneration
   ✧ Protein Structure & Protein Folding
   ✧ Signalling & Immunology

All students accepted to the program will receive a generous PhD fellowship
including social benefits. Please submit your application by November 15, 2018.
Further information and application details are available at: www.imprs-ls.de


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