I. Study abroad: Reference Websites
II. Job Openings at NTU Sister Schools
III. Job Search at Overseas Academic Institutions
  1. AcademicJobsOnline is a highly convenient website for job-seeking PhD candidates. Over the past 12 months this website has offered 2,592 job opportunities in 37 different countries, and it currently has 5,339 registered job seekers. Each job seeker, on average, applies for 2.6 job openings; the website is free to job seekers, who can become members simply by registering via e-mail. 
  2. International Max Planck Research School for Molecular Life Sciences (IMPRS-LS) offers PhD projects in the following areas (please see the attached Flyer in details):
    • Biophysics & Bio-imaging
    • Computational & Systems Biology
    • Gene Regulation & DNA Biology
    • Circuit Neuroscience & Neurodegeneration
    • Protein Structure & Protein Folding
    • Signalling & Immunology
All students accepted to the program will receive a generous PhD fellowship including social benefits. Please submit your application by November 15, 2018. Further information and application details are available at: www.imprs-ls.de
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