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About the NTU Internship Program
The Plan
Ever since he took over as head of NTU, our former president, Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang, had a deep appreciation of the importance of industry support to the university’s continued growth. He wanted to bridge the gap between school and industry and to strengthen the integration of learning and application so that NTU students, with the support of concerned parties, would be able to think globally and direct their steps toward the whole world as they entered the corporate employment ecology and sought the pathway to their future. First-rate talent, President Yang knew, can be developed only by combining the advanced theories of the world with the pragmatism of industry. To achieve that goal, President Yang took the lead in proposing the completion of a corporate internship as a condition for graduation.

Under the leadership of former Vice President Liang-Gee Chen, in recent years the NTU Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program has fostered the spirit of innovation and the development of entrepreneurial capability; as a result, graduates have begun setting up their own businesses and gaining access to more employment opportunities. The University also organizes campus recruitment activities on an annual basis, helping companies to find the talent they require and students to find the jobs they need. In addition, the University offers various courses that help students understand the needs and attitudes of the workplace, and cooperates with the corporate field in directing students to corporate or institutional mentors so that they can gain an early grasp of industrial development trends, industry characteristics, and job-market needs.

In addition to recruitment, course study, and corporate mentoring activities, we constantly promote the provision of corporate internships, the inviting of companies to recruit interns on campus, and expansion of the linkage between companies and students. The provision of internship training is an indispensable link in the process of manpower development worldwide; the NTU has been dedicated to the implementation of the NTUIP since 2014, aiming to boost internship popularity and arouse interest among companies and students so that participation in internships will grow year by year.

Benefits of student participation in internships:
Students can speed up their entry into the workplace environment through internship work, the leadership of intern counsellors, and training provided by the companies offering internships. The work tasks assigned by the companies, and contact with various aspects of the workplace, help internees learn and grow from practical experience and give them an opportunity to display their capabilities and their potential.
  1. Understanding of practical operations, cultivation of abilities required in the job market, and learning in order to practice
  2. Familiarity with the workplace ecology and development of the necessary attitude toward workplace ethics
  3. Illumination of job interests and talents, facilitating the adjustment of future work and job fields
  4. Getting to know professionals and increasing workplace connections, facilitating future career planning

Benefits of corporate participation in the NTUIP:
The internship system is different from work-study. Companies can use the NTUIP to recruit outstanding, motivated students from all NTU colleges and, by giving short-term project tasks and guidance by senior personnel, can identify students with the proper attributes and with potential for development – and then quickly hire those students. Every year, well-known companies from all over the world offer internship programs of various kinds, allowing them to recruit, from prominent universities, promising employees who later on become corporate leaders. This has become an important strategic manpower recruitment channel.

  Internship systems established by corporations can have the following potential benefits:
  1. Use of outstanding internee manpower to help deal with project work tasks
  2. Use of the internee guidance, assessment, and screening mechanism to hire personnel with the proper attributes, thereby establishing a strategic recruitment system
  3. Use of positive internee experience and extension to heighten overall employee quality and lower recruitment costs
  4. Creation, together with the school, of a “unity of learning and application” and “fullest employment of talent” effect, thereby achieving a win-win virtuous cycle

Related Information
Join the NTU Internship Program today, become a member of the NTU recruitment network (NTUIP information platform) , and enjoy our exclusive recruitment services.
Internship Preparation
Career Personality Aptitude SystemCPAS
  The Career Personality Aptitude System (CPAS) is an extremely simple, fast, and effective career aptitude testing tool. Its primary developer, Dr. Tomohachiro Ito of the University of Tokyo, feels that “career aptitude equals ability plus personality.” In other words, when each person thinks about his or her future career development, in addition to assuring personal ability (including professional know-how, professional experience, and professional ability, etc.), strong consideration should also be given to whether the individual’s personality matches the job. If individuals can understand the work for which they are suited, and work hard to develop their potential, then they will be able to find the right place for their talents and create a career that is truly their own.

UCAN Career & Competency Assessment Network

  The University Career & Competence Assessment Network (UCAN) is designed to help college and university students understand their career directions and strengthen their relative competencies with better goals and greater motivation. The Ministry of Education developed the UCAN Network by combining career exploration and competency assessment in order to enhance students’ understanding of workplace trends according to the skills needed by industry, and to strengthen workplace competitiveness through self-diagnosis. UCAN currently provides students with career consultation, career interest diagnosis, and competency assessment, among other services.

Career Lectures

  In addition to helping students through professional curriculum studies, the sharing of knowledge and workplace experiences by people who have been successful in the workplace give students an early opportunity to think about their career positioning and learn about the world of work, enabling them to find the right career objective for themselves.

Sharing of Internship Experience Session
  Summer internship experience sharing sessions are held after the end of summer vacation each year. This sharing of experience by students who have engaged in internships helps more students learn about what corporate internships entail and understand the benefits of the NTU Internship Program. This encourages more students to participate in internships.

Corporate Member Internship Vacancies
The internship positions provided by corporate members, those who are interested can actively apply!
General Internship Openings
The internship opportunities described below are from the NTU Career Website and job banks. After assuring themselves about the internship openings offered by companies, students can choose the internship jobs most suited to themselves and then apply for those positions. This will increase their chances of getting corporate interviews! 
Departmental Internships

In accordance with their educational objectives and curriculum planning, and the learning needs of their students, departments of the various colleges help students to integrate the theoretical, knowledge, and technological learning they have acquired, and to nurture their concepts of workplace and professional ethics, by engaging in internship cooperation with business enterprises.


  The school plans out professional curricula that meet the needs of the workplace and of business enterprises. Students learn the necessary know-how and technologies in school, and business enterprises or employers offer training positions; these internships are carried out, via cooperation between and supervision by the two sides, while the student is still in school. This expands the student’s learning environment from the school to the relevant world of work, thereby enhancing the results of the educational programs. The Career Center serves as a bridge, developing lists of businesses willing to cooperate and helping them to establish cooperative relationships with college departments. The emphasis of this kind of internship is on putting to work the professional skills acquired by students, and the details of academic-industry cooperation are worked out via discussions between the school departments and the business enterprises.

Internships Project

To enhance the quality of student participation in internships, the Career Center will strengthen cooperative relationships with enterprises and proactively engage in negotiations about cooperative internship projects with the aim of providing students space to realize their potential and gain a real experience of the workplace atmosphere through comprehensive internship planning together with the quality intern guidance systems of participating enterprises. This will also help enterprises find the talent they need.


  At the same time, we hope to strengthen the promotion of experiential internships so that students studying in non-technical departments or wishing to develop a second field of expertise will be able to gain multifaceted experiences and determine their career directions at an early date. Besides promoting the project internship program on its web page, the Center will also promote this program by helping to organizing seminars and by designing promotional plans. The details of cooperation in project internships will be worked out through discussions with individual enterprises on a case-by-case basis.

Overseas Internships
The AIESEC Global Internship Program
  The Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (AISEC) is the world’s largest student organization, and the Global Internship Program is its core project. AIESEC offers thousands of internship opportunities every year through cooperation with enterprises and educational institutions worldwide. Periods of internship range from three months to six months, one year, and one and a half years; according to the differing terms of work contracts, internees from a variety of countries organize into work teams with local employees.

  The AIESEC is a non-profit organization, but it collects membership fees, project fees, and matchmaking fees from its members in order to balance its books and pay for website upkeep. Since it provides pre-departure consultation and assistance by local branches, however, it is a great channel for students hoping for overseas internships.

Vault Career Intelligence
  Vault a globally known career advice and information system that provides diversified career guidance and globalized, real-time, professional information on the job market, enhancing students’ knowledge of various professions and related job-seeking skills. The system also helps students with career planning, thereby strengthening their competitiveness in the job market.
Internship Rights

  Students searching for internships must pay attention to job-seeking safety, collect relevant information on companies in the market, and gain an early understanding of whether the internship content and environment comply with related labor laws.

  To protect their internship rights, students who sign written contracts must first study the contents of the contracts carefully and determine whether they comply with the principles of fairness and reasonableness.

  If you have further questions about your rights, please consult the following links:

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