Ⅰ. Students Consultant:

  To achieve the goal of becoming a world-class university and to encourage NTU students to go abroad for advanced studies, the Career Center hopes to cooperate with the 11 colleges in NTU and establish an overseas studies consultation system which will provide opportunities for students aspiring to study abroad to exchange ideas with professors, access to the School Selection and career planning recommendations, and be able to access the Study Abroad Material Review and Consulting service.

  Overseas studies consultant system will invite professors who have studied abroad from each college to coach students. In this way, the professors can answer the questions regarding application planning, such as experience sharing, concerns while selecting a school and a department, tips on a study plan or autobiography, recommendation letter, skills to apply for the schools…etc. We hope to maintain the function of Overseas Studies Month and fill the gap. Moreover, we will provide a more pragmatic consulting service that is in line with individual needs and at the same time achieves the purpose of Career Center to help students plan for their careers after graduation.

Ⅱ. Overseas Studies Information Network:

  In order to provide overseas studying information for students to look up, we have built an overseas studies information network which includes links that provide information on every country, This information network will be reviewed and updated regularly.

   Latest study abroad and scholarship information

Date Due_Date Title
2021/10/8 2021/11/15 Postdoc Career Programmes at TU Darmstadt – Calls are open

As one of the leading universities of technology, located in Rhine-Main-Area in the heart of Germany, Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt offers a stimulating and cooperative research environment for young researchers. 
Our Postdoc Career Programmes are directed at international doctoral students in the final stage of doctorate and international postdocs looking for a second postdoc. 
TU Darmstadt ongoing calls Career Bridging Grants and ´Future Talent´ Guest Stay Grants are open until closing date 15th of November, 2021. Learn more: Announcements for Postdocs at TU Darmstadt.
2021/6/18 2021/9/17 Information on Special Scholarship Program for doctoral students at Kochi University of Technology
2021/3/29   the Cal of Joseph Fourier Scholarship of Bureau Français de Taipei
2021/2/4   [Kwansei Gakuin University] Gradute Program Admission through Parnter Universities Nomination ▶Japanese◀ ▶English
2021/1/29 2021/6/15 Heidelberg University | M.A. in American Studies (MAS) ▶Program
2021/1/19   Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo - Research Staff (Pre-doctoral)
2021/1/13 2021/1/31 Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at St Petersburg University and Freie Universität Berlin ▶Post
2020/12/23 2021/1/18 Kyushu Institute of Technology - MEXT Scholarship Program
2020/11/17   Canadian Universities in these locations are reopening to international Student
2020/11/12 2020/11/28 EduCanada Virtual Fair for students and parents to meet with Canadian Institutions individually.   
Registration is free and will close 3 hours before the event starting time.  
Please register now.
2020/10/7 2020/10/15
2020/10/7 2020/12/1 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 21/22
2020/7/27 2020/10/1 Study Scholarships - Postgraduate Studies in the Field of Music
2020/7/27 2020/9/30 Study Scholarships - Postgraduate Studies in the Field of Architecture
2020/7/1 2020/9/18 [Kochi University of Technology] a 3-year English-medium doctoral program
2020/6/19 2020/7/15 [CityU] Presidential PhD Scholarship  ▶Files
2020/5/15 2020/6/15 Poland and Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange Scholarship Programme
2020/5/8 2020/5/30 BHU announces Malviya Postdoctoral Fellowships  ▶Files
2020/4/8   IÉSEG MBA in Leadership and Coding
2020/2/13 2020/3/27 PhD International Program at Imagine Institute- Paris- France  ▶Files
2020/2/5   [Kwansei Gakuin University] Graduate Program Admission through Partner University Nomination for Fall 2020  ▶Files◀▶Files
2020/1/20 2020/1/30 CEU Future of Big Data, Morgan Stanley, Women in Tech scholarships  ▶Files
2019/12/30 2020/3/13 Kochi University of Technology Special Scholarship Program
2019/11/28   Kansai University (関西大学)Fall Enrollment 2020 Application Guidelines for Special Entrance Examination Now Available  ▶Files
2019/11/25 2020/2/12 Erasmus Mundus Master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories scholarships programme
2019/10/21   Open Doors' Russian Scholarship Project  ▶Files
2019/10/21   Georgetown Global Human Development Program  ▶Files
2019/10/2 2019/11/29
 [Tokyo Tech]Programs with Japanese Government Scholarship 2020
   -Research Student Program
   -International Graduate Program A [IGP (A)]
2019/9/24   [Kwansei Gakuin University] Graduate Program Admission through Partner University Nomination for 2020  ▶Files◀▶Files
2019/9/17   Singapore University of Technology and Design (bond free scholarship)
 -Application note
 -Course information
 -Time schedule
2019/8/21 2019/12/2 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme  ▶Files◀▶Files
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