Core Values
The core value of the Career Center adheres to the educational policy of National Taiwan University, guiding students to develop career planning, and helping them to improve their employability, employment function, and competitiveness in the workplace. Therefore, CAREER is the representative word of the core value.
Work Objectives
  1. Provision of professional consulting services and counseling of students guidance in career planning
  2. Assistance for students in widespread learning, strengthening of internationalized curricula, enhancement of employability
  3. Collection of graduate destination data, understanding of alumni employment status, effective planning and enhancement of student’ career development
  4. Implementation of the NTU Internship Program, deepening of the corporate network, encouragement of students to engage in workplace internships, preparing properly for employment development plans, and assisting them in improving their employability and strengthening their competitiveness in the workplace.
Introduction of the Career Center’s Activities and Curricula, Multifaceted Career Consultation, Career Development, and Corporate Internships
 A. Career Aptitude Assessment and Consultation
  1. Career Personality Aptitude System: CPAS offers job suitability and aptitude testing; the Career Center uses the group lecture and, in cooperation with the various departments, group work methods to organize career aptitude assessment and consultation. Professional consultation analysis helps students find the right career placement for themselves and take early action to prepare for employment.
  2. University Career & Competence Assessment Network (UCAN): The Ministry of Education offers online career interest surveys and occupational diagnosis in conformity with industry needs and occupational aptitude so as to increase students’ understanding of the workplace and help them map out their own professional competency plans, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in the workplace.
B. Resume Writing and Interview Skills Workshop
To deal with the globally competitive job market, students are provided guidance in preparing job-seeking resumes that highlight their special characteristics and advantages, helping them to gain interview opportunities. The Career Center invites senior executives from different industries to serve as advisors who help students develop resume writing and interview skills so that they can take their first step on the path to employment success. The Career Center provides two types of relevant services consultation: 
  1. Resume Writing and Interview Skills Sessions.
  2. Resume writing and interview skills consultation: This serves both students and alumni.
C. Career Dialogue Seminars – From Campus to Workplace: Employment Q&A
As students are about to move from campus to workplace, they are helped to boost their employment value proposition (EVP) and are guided toward their future orientation. The Career Center has invited senior human resources experts to plan out “From Campus to Workplace: Employment Q&A” career dialogue seminars in which experts hold conversations with students and share their rich experiences and expertise, helping students to clarify their career orientations, alleviate their worries about the workplace, pinpoint their own strong points, and develop their job competitiveness.
D. Career Lectures
The Career Center holds career-related lectures on a regular basis, focusing on different subjects and inviting outstanding workplace personages to share their career experiences. This leads students to acquire an overall view of the workplace and broaden their outlook.
E. Globalized Talent Development Camp – Key Competencies
The Globalized Talent Development Camp is organized together with the human resources consulting firm DDI with the aim of fostering the capabilities required of globalized corporate talent and strengthening ability to face and deal with problems. The class uses the interactive method to help students apply what they have learned, so as to strengthen the abilities needed to enhance employability. Course content includes communication, influence, briefing, accountability, and executive skills.
F. Introduction to Business Administration Lectures: Marketing Practices, and Financial Accounting
This provides interdepartmental students with an additional pathway to learning business concepts so that they will have the fundamental knowhow they need to better understand the operation of the workplace and gain an insight into market concepts before they engage in internships and find jobs.

Those who pass are issued a certification of completion by the Career Center.
G. NTU Internship ProgramNTUIP
Great efforts are taken to implement the NTU Internship Program and encourage students to participate in internships. Internships give students an early familiarity with the workplace, allowing them, while still in school, to make preparation and plan their careers, understand the workplace culture, and cultivate a proper work attitude, thereby heightening their employability. For more information on internships, consult the NTU Internship Program website.
H. Campus Recruitment Activities
 The Career Center holds a series of campus recruitment activities each March, building a matchmaking platform for student job-seekers and corporations. This activity draws students both inside and outside of school, as well as alumni, to look for job opportunities. The following channels are provided to help give you a deeper understanding of workplace information: Job Fair, Company Information Sessions, and Company Visits. 
I. Overseas Study Information and Consultation
The Career Center holds overseas study lectures each October, providing information on government scholarships for overseas study and sharing overseas study experiences. If you want to study overseas, we suggest that you join these lectures and make the necessary preparations as soon as possible.
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