Privacy and Security Policy for the "World Wide Web site of Career Center, Office of Student Affairs, National Taiwan University"

Welcome to the National Taiwan University World Wide Web site (hereinafter called the "NTUCC website"). In order to protect your privacy and security when using NTUCC website and help you understand how to protect your use of the various services of NTUCC website, and how we collect, use and protect information you provide, please read this privacy and security policy carefully. If you have any question on NTUCC website, please email to

Scope of application

This privacy rights and information security policy only applies to " domain". But this policy does not apply to the websites outside the "" domain. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

Privacy Statement

In order to respect and protect your privacy rights when you use the services and information provided on NTUCC website, please read carefully the following information:

Gathering and use of information

  1. Your personal information identification is not be gathered by our system when your website browsing and file downloading from NTUCC website.
  2. When you participate in online services, personal information you provide, we will be obligated the "Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of China" and relevant norms of laws. Your personal information cannot be used for other issues other than to collect a particular purpose.
  3. While you are browsing the NTUCC Website, the server may automatically produce a log file. The file may include your IP address, duration of visit, browser version used, and record of your browsing behavior. Information about pages viewed and time spent on-site is used to improve the quality of the NTUCC Website content and service. This statistical analysis is not for personal information identification.
  4. Due to legal requirements or comply with applicable laws and norms (e.g., Norms for the use of NTU campus networks), we must provide relevant information to the competent authority.
  5. We have the right to modify this statement and update on NTUCC website.

Security Policy

Any unauthorized and behavior of attempting to tamper with the service within NTUCC website are strictly prohibited and may violate the law. For the purpose of website's security and to maintain the services of website to operate normally, we provide the following security measures:

  1. Installing firewall and IDP (Intrusion Detection Prevention) systems to prevent illegal invasion and to avoid the relevant information has been unauthorized retrieved for ensuring the safety of the website.
  2. To establish network traffic management system to efficiently control abnormal network traffic in order to maintain the network operating normally.
  3. To establish the mechanism of information security event monitoring to prevent the incident, shorten normal operation recovery time and reduce the damage.
  4. Data of website will be backed up regularly, and backup to the backup host.
  5. We will be obligated the related management practices and norms set by the "National Taiwan University protection of intellectual property rights advocacy and promotion team" ( (Chinese)) to promote the correct concept of network usage and to educate users to respect the intellectual property rights.

Terms of use

  1. Obligations and Commitments of the User

    The user shall abide by the "Taiwan Academic Network Management and Norms", "Norms for the use of NTU campus networks" and related laws. The user shall not only promise not to use the service for any unlawful purpose or in any illegal manner, but also comply with relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and international practice of using internet. The user agrees to abide by the laws of their own country or region. The user agrees and guarantees not use NTUCC website to infringe the rights of others or illegal acts. The violator shall have liability for law.

  2. Self-protection mechanism

    Please protect your account, password and any of personal information well. And do not provide your personal information to someone else, especially password.

    Please remember to logout the system of the website when you don't use. If you use a sharing or public computer, please remember to close the browser to prevent someone get your important and personal information.

Copyright Statement

All content within the NTUCC website, including the text, audio, video, images, and the layout, are properties of Career Center, Office of Student Affairs, National Taiwan University. Please contact us first for reprints of any kind.

Copyright © 2012 NTU Office of Student Affairs Career Center all rights reserved.

Changes to this policy

In order to protect you browse website's security and related rights, and the intention to protect network security. An announcement of any changes to this policy will be posted on NTUCC website.


If you have any questions about this policy statement, or about any of NTUCC website, please email to .

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