To help NTU students plan and prepare for their careers, the Career Center cooperates with professional talent assessment companies to provide career aptitude evaluation consulting. This helps students understand, through the Career Personality Aptitude System (CPAS) and consultation with advisors, which jobs suit them.

  1. The CPAS provides the assessment of an individual’s career aptitude by analyzing 12 personality traits along with five types of work capacity and six core career abilities and leadership potential.
  2. Registration: To serve the greatest possible number of NTU students, the Career Center arranges for career aptitude assessment consultation through group lectures.
  3. Please note:
  • After your registration is confirmed, the Career Center will send your test password to your personal mailbox. Please complete the test within the designated time; if the time is exceeded, the test will be deemed cancelled and you will not be able to participate in CPAS Test in 2022.
  • Those who fail to attend the lecture will not be able to participate in CPAS Test in 2022.
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