▌Interdisciplinary Internship Program
Taiwan Mentorship Project

▌NTU Campus Recruitment Events
VISION 2023 NTU Campus Recruitment — Job Fair [Highlights Review]

▌Internship preparatory course—Get Ready for Your Career
Get Ready for Your Career [Achievements Section]

This course invites a team of expert consultants to form the teaching faculty, integrating real-world business solutions. It aims to cultivate students' essential workplace competencies and interdisciplinary collaboration skills. Industry professionals are invited to participate in the mid-term and final project evaluations.

In the 111-2 semester, a total of 67 students participated in the course. The Career Center will offer the course again in the 112-2 semester. Stay tuned for more information  
Get Ready for Your Career [Teaser Section]
This course primarily aims to equip students with fundamental concepts of the workplace and essential skills necessary for internships and employment. It focuses on preparing students for entering the workforce and career planning. Additionally, the course integrates real-world business solutions to foster students' interdisciplinary collaboration skills.

▌Career Personality Aptitude System Workshop
CPAS Occupational Aptitude Test Analysis PART I CPAS Occupational Aptitude Test Analysis PART II
CPAS Talent Diagnostic System, 12 Workplace Personality Traits
5 Major Adaptive Jobs, 6 Core Competencies, Leadership Potential

▌Guidance in Resume Writing and Interview Skills
Resume Writing PART 1 Resume Writing PART 2 Resume Writing PART 3 Resume Writing PART 4
Differences Between Chinese and English Resumes, Resume Content
Recommended Methods for Resume Writing and Personal Statement Composition
Introduction to Resume Examples and Attractive Formatting
Tasks Before and After Sending Out Your Resume
Interview Skills PART 1 Interview Skills PART 2 Interview Skills PART 3  
Preparation After Interview Notification, Interview Etiquette, Reasons for Non-Selection
The Challenges of Interview Questions

Preparation for Video Interviews, Post-Interview Etiquette and Readiness
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