【2024 Passion Worker | New Book Symposium】

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✈️ If you are gazing at the sky right now and:

Contemplating potential career development in the future,
Facing numerous expectations from family and society,
Interested in exploring workplace experiences in different fields,

Then, you definitely shouldn't miss the "2024 Passion Worker " New Book Symposium!

This publication, themed "What’s Your PLANe?," compiles career development stories from 23 NTU alumni who graduated from various disciplines. Two of the interviewees will be present at the symposium on 11/30 to share their real-life experiences and thoughts when facing important life decisions.

🛫 Guest Speakers:

Chih-Ju Tsai
"Excel in four aspects of life: survival, love, learning, and creating value."
Starting with a background in medical technology, Senior Chih-Ju Tsai participated in extracurricular activities such as entrepreneurship competitions during his studies. After graduation, he pursued further studies in business-related research institutes and worked in diverse fields such as investment advisory companies, industrial research institutes, and the biotechnology industry. He founded the "Medical Fitness Special Population Training Institution" and served as the Enterprise Customer Manager at EXOS Taiwan.

Irene Chang
"The most ideal university life comes from conscious accumulation."
Irene Chang, a sister from the Department of Finance, not only participated in various activities and exchange programs during her time at the university but also gained rich cross-domain work experience after graduation. This includes working in American financial and multinational technology companies. She is currently a cross-domain career consultant, co-founder of "Talk Between Meals," and operates the Instagram account "斜槓IC." She is also the author of the book "Complete Job and Career Change Guide."

🛩 Event Information:
Date | 2023/11/30 (Thursday) 18:00-20:00 (Doors open at 18:00, officially starts at 18:30, simultaneously live-streamed)
Location | First Meeting Room, Administrative Building, Main Campus, National Taiwan University
Registration | https://bit.ly/3QIPfCN
Organizer | Career Center, Office of Student Affairs, National Taiwan University

🥨 Light snacks will be provided at the event; please bring your own eco-friendly cup.

#What’s Your PLANe? | New Book Symposium — Event Highlights.

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